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Sergio Bello’s eco-illuminations

« Mangroves »

Sergio Bello is an “eco-illuminator” who does not illuminate a spiritual text or a learned treaty but a few pages of the Book of nature, in the ‘Amazonia’ section. The recurring composition, a rectangle containing a circle, hints to the Brazilian flag, Bello’s country of origin. But it also evokes an optical device, as if, in the middle of the

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The Name of the Bee

Claude Abeille, bronze (1996) - 84 x 49 x 90 cm

Claude Abeille is a lucky man: he was born with a gift – being a sculptor, and a name – that of a builder insect, the bee. However, his work does not present a bestiary but a cloakroom (vestiaire). After the revolutions which decapitate, our mediocracy cuts the heads that stand too tall over the line; Claude Abeille was thus

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