Aphorisms corner

Art is still the only bearable form of life: the greatest enjoyment, and the one that wears out the least quickly.

Valéry Larbaud
At every moment, an aphorism about art, beauty, the “visible”. These maxims and thoughts from the best writers or artists illustrate the spirit of the Imaginary Museum of Patagonia.

The 4 founding aphorisms

When painters will have lost their science and the love of their tools, futile theories will appear. Unable to write their thoughts with forms and colours, they will formulate them with words and the writers will win over them. I am not talking about the true poet… but about the school supervisor who wants to explain a verse from Virgile.


In each work of art, the thought comes from the work; a work of art never comes from a thought.


The beautiful is superior to the sublime since it is permanent and is not satisfactory ; when the sublime is relative, transitory and violent.

Henri Frédéric Amiel

Art is a wound which becomes light.

Georges Braque

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