The Patagonian Collectors

The Patagonian Collectors want be anonymous.

Patagonia is honoured with a native race of nonesuch collectors: Maurice Rheims paid homage to them in his book “Les Collectionneurs” (“Collectors”) (Ramsay, 2002, p.39).

« In the Argentinian pampa and the plains of Patagonia, there are many colonies of rodents recalling rabbits and groundhogs, who dig burrows that can extend across several square kilometers. These animals are called viscachas, and the territory they occupy, a viscachería. As viscachería is a kind of lost-and-found office, where one can find a sampling of anything that has gone astray and is transportable: watches, knives, cartridges, keys, corkscrews, smoking pipes, glasses, loaded guns, etc. In this case, the animal does not act for or utility, but indeed as a collector, gathering and keeping these objects just for pleasure. »

Look at a patagonian collector who accepted to be photographed.


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