Christine Sourgins : job application at the Museum of Patagonia

Mister Chancellor,

The Consul General made me the honor of granting me oneiric asylum, and encourages me to apply for the Patagonian nationality, so that I am hereby applying for this favor.

Of course, I wish to work for the fame and glory of His Majesty. However, as a historian of art and admirer of Baudelaire, I have been nurturing since childhood a passion for lighthouses – any lighthouses. The Patagonian coasts, with their a strong-tempered sea, are an ideal place to erect buildings designed to salvage the unfortunate ones who splash in the turbid waters of this time. I am convinced that the re-edification of the tower of Pharos could be achieved only in Patagonia, the only kingdom able to preserve a world wonder durably; the Patagonians will succeed where the Egyptians, like the so-rational Greeks, pathetically failed.

Of course I know of the efforts of Mr. Bronner who rebuilt with his own hands a lighthouse at the far end of the world, yet I am engaged into other forms of rescue and rebuilding, namely: to search and rescue isolated artists camping in front of their canvass like Robinson Crusoe on his island; to shed light on archives and on the talents forgotten, deep in workshops; to signal the rocky shoals of a tumultuous and even muddy history of art threatening to absorb the last poets, the ultimate dreamers.

Lastly, as I belong to the post-1968 generation, which craves for milestones, you will understand my taste for beacons…

This is why I request from your benevolence the position of keeper of the Baudelairean museum of Lighthouses and Beacons of Patagonia.

With my best regards,

Christine Sourgins

Appointment of Christine Sourgins
as "Advisor for the lighthouses and beacons of Patagonia"

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